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Adjustable Bracelet

Are you tired of bracelets falling off your wrist, or being too tight? Atelier Petites Pierres saves the day with adjustable bracelets that put an end to the fitting jewelry problem so you can look and feel your best. Browse through our vast catalog now to find your perfect fit.

Adjustable Bracelet Models

Atelier Petites Pierres adjustable bracelets diminish the problem of having to measure your jewelry to sew if it will fit. Delicate and creative styles for both men and women allow you to express your tastes and style freely. With color options like gold, rose gold and silver plated, Atelier Petites Pierres jewelry does not oxide and change color over time. Drawstrings come in leather, cotton and parachute cord. Bracelet designs are decorated with beautiful natural stones like agate, onyx, turquoise, malachite, zircon, coral and pearl and other crystals. Options with customizable plates make a great gift option for loved ones.

Adjustable Bracelet with Stylish Outfits

Atelier Petites Pierres drawstring bracelets allow you to express yourself wherever you are. Our zodiac collection, options with customizable plates or delicate stones are perfect for everyday wear. For the summer months, you can opt for bracelets with coral or seashell details to complete your beach looks. For special occasions and events, bracelets with eye catching stones or gold, silver, and rose gold plating are perfect to elevate the little black dress. You can also layer your bracelets for an effortless and modern take on the arm candy trend.

Adjustable Bracelet Prices

Atelier Petites Pierres bracelet designs offer a quality product with affordable prices. Prices may vary depending if the style has gold, rose gold, or silver parts. Natural stones incorporated into the designs like zircon, malachite, onyx, turquoise, coral and pearl may also affect pricing. Browse our adjustable bracelets now to find your perfect accessory at an affordable price.

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