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BOLEYN - Gemstone Bracelet

Onyx and Turquoise Bracelet
600.00 TL
Inventory : In Stock
600.00 TL
28.09.2023 Estimated Shipping Date
Item Description
Material: Brass

Material Color: 24K Gold-Filled

Bracelet Color: Gold

Size: 15 cm +2 cm extension

Gemstone: Natural onyx- turquoise

Wear it on your wrist to bring the earthiness of protection from negativity.

Our dainty designer bracelet is a sophisticated jewelry piece that will flatter any outfit.

Pair it with an all-black outfit to make your style stand out at cocktail parties and date nights!

Ideal for layering and perfect for everyday wear, this elegant bracelet is versatile enough to suit any mood.

Why Atelier Petites Pierres?

Our jewelry pieces are produced with top marks of creativity using high-quality brass and bronze.

Our products are gold-filled instead of gold-plating, providing better brilliance and durability to products.
We use 24-carat gold, rose gold, 925 silver, or black rhodium for filling, depending on the color of the design.

We were founded on creative excellence, which means we give each piece a lot of treatment before it gets sold to make it flawless.

They're sustainably produced, timeless, and made with all-natural colors found on the earth.

This is how Atelier Petites Pierres brings you timeless pieces that will always stand and promises you very long-term use.Let your girl know how important she is to you!
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