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Bracelet Sets

Elegant and stylish bracelets are an essential in every woman's jewelry collection. Atelier Petites Pierres’ spectacular bracelet sets are especially suited for those who want to dress up their casual, office, and special occasion outfits with unique and glamorous details. Browse through a carefully curated collection of bracelet sets to find your perfect additions to your outfits.

Bracelet Set Models

Stackable bracelets let you express your tastes and style freely. They can be paired with any outfit, any time. They can easily be paired with casual or streetwear looks, office looks and glamorous looks for special occasions like birthdays and parties. To pair with casual outfits, choose a comfortable cord bracelet that will remain comfortable during the day. For special occasions, our gold plated cuff designs will ensure that all eyes will be on you. Bracelets decorated with beads, stones or initials allow you to express your personality and creativity.

Bracelet Set with Stylish Outfits

With its carefully crafted designs, Atelier Petites Pierres’ jewelry collection offers you a cheerful break from the hustle and rush of day to day life and work. Brand’s unique designs will accompany you and compliment your outfits in day to day life and in the workspace. You can add a pop of color to your simple and cozy outfits with bracelets decorated with colorful beads. To add an elegant touch, you can opt for cuff designs or gold plated varieties.

Bracelet Set Prices

Atelier Petites Pierres's designs are carefully crafted, bringing classical and romantic inspirations together with modern aesthetics. Prices of sets of bracelets can vary depending on the plating, materials, and stones incorporated into the design. Browse through the vast collection of modern, romantic and boho bracelet designs to find the perfect bracelet set for you, carefully curated by Atelier Petites Pierres.

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