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Bridal Tiaras

Every woman wants the perfect wedding in her dreams, so choosing the perfect wedding dress is very important. Accessories that complement the wedding dress is also important. Bridal tiaras become more and more popular with each passing day and Atelier Petites Pierres is helping new brides to have many elegant options. Inspired by Greek mythology, Atelier Petites Pierres’ designs will complement the wedding dresses and make them shine even brighter. If you think even the smallest details are important, Atelier Petites Pierres bridal tiaras are for you.

Bridal Tiara Models

Atelier Petites Pierres’ bridal headpieces models have a wide variety of options, therefore every bride can find one to reflect her style. One of the most popular designs is the one with the wing details. The tiara is crafted plating gold-rose, gold or silver on the zircon. You can choose whatever colour you want depending on your taste, also the accessory can be adjusted to fit every size and shape. Another one of the designs is the gold-plated floral tiara. It’s designed using natural freshwater pearls and Swarovski gems. Like most of the pieces, this too can be customized according to the user’s wishes. Another beautiful design is the bridal tiara with leaf details. Using natural freshwater pearls and Swarovski gems, each item is handcrafted and can be customized. On top of that, Atelier Petites Pierres uses a high proportion of preservatives to ensure the longevity of its products. It’s recommended to keep the tiara away from cosmetics, chemicals and water to maintain the plating colour even longer.

Bridal Tiara with Stylish Outfits

Atelier Petites Pierres designs tiaras for wedding that are suitable for each and every wedding dress. For those that think less is more, the bridal tiara with wing details is very popular. The design combines simplicity with thin, elegant details and completes the wedding dress beautifully. On the other hand, the gold-plated bridal crown is even better for the brides that want to shine bright in their special night. The natural freshwater pearls and Swarovski gems have an elegant appearance and are more fitting for brides that prefer glamour over simplicity. The bridal tiara with leaf details is also one of the most preferred designs for brides. They look especially good with fish-cut wedding dresses. Gold-plated tiara with pearl details is a favourite among people that love pearl detailed accessories. A tiara with pearls would be good for the integrity if the bride chose a wedding dress with pearl details. The plating colour of these designs can be customized, so brides can choose the colours to fit the wedding dress better.

Bridal Tiara Prices

Atelier Petites Pierres offers elegant, unique designs to brides, widening their options with a wide collection. The prices of the tiaras vary depending on the materials used to craft them, plating materials and the complexity of the design. You can find a piece for your style and budget easily in brand’s easy-to-use website by using the filters and shine like a diamond in your most special day. Atelier Petites Pierres also offers different payment options such as credit card, one-off payment, PayPal, BACS and Stripe. You can choose the best payment option for yourself and get the bridal tiara of your dreams.

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