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Identity Bracelets

Identity bracelets are a great way for a person to express themselves without speaking. Atelier Petites Pierres's elegant id bracelet styles allow you the opportunity to immortalize the most significant aspects of your life. With these designs, you can easily customize your own bracelet with names, initials, important dates and meaningful words for a meaningful jewelry item or a gift option.

Identity Bracelet Models

Identity bracelets for women stand out with their delicate and elegant designs. The bracelets are meant to highlight the most significant and beautiful parts of your life. With 'Roma' bracelets, you can customize your bracelets with significant days, such as birthdays, wedding dates and anniversaries in Roman numerals. You can customize other styles with initials, names or short words. Atelier Petites Pierres id bracelets also make for great gifts for your loved ones. The bracelets are made with adjustable chains and come in 925 sterling silver, 14-carat gold, rose gold, white gold, and gold, rose gold plating over 925 sterling silver.

Identity Bracelet with Stylish Outfits

Identity bracelets are personal jewelry items, so their design should reflect this significance and they should go together with any look. Delicate and elegant designs will pair with any outfit for all kinds of occasions. You can opt for a more traditional and minimal design that you can opt for a design with tassel details for a more playful look. You can choose the kind of metal you want to match the color of the rest of your jewelry.

Identity Bracelet Prices

Atelier Petites Pierres's products bring together quality and affordable prices. Brand’s identity bracelets are meant as jewelry for life, and their designs reflect that. The prices of the jewelry may vary depending on the metals used to make it. Prices may vary amongst 925 sterling silver, 14-carat gold, rose gold, white gold, and gold, rose gold plated options.

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