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PIPPA - Natural Beaded Bracelet

Tourmaline and Pearl Bracelet
600.00 TL
Inventory : In Stock
600.00 TL
27.09.2023 Estimated Shipping Date
Item Description
Material: Brass
Material Color: 24K Gold-Filled
Bracelet Color: Gold
Size: 15 cm +2 cm extension
Gemstone: Natural tourmaline, granate and pearl

Slip on this beautiful bracelet for a little luxury.

It will elevate any outfit and transform you into a goddess.

Simple but elegant, this gold-filled bracelet features natural gemstones known for their calming, healing benefits.

This bracelet is the only accessory you need, featuring beautiful stones and a gold-tone to blend with your outfits!

Why Atelier Petites Pierres?

Our jewelry pieces are produced with top marks of creativity using high-quality brass and bronze.

Our products are gold-filled instead of gold-plating, providing better brilliance and durability to products.
We use 24-carat gold, rose gold, 925 silver, or black rhodium for filling, depending on the color of the design.

We were founded on creative excellence, which means we give each piece a lot of treatment before it gets sold to make it flawless.

They're sustainably produced, timeless, and made with all-natural colors found on the earth.

This is how Atelier Petites Pierres brings you timeless pieces that will always stand and promises you very long-term use.Let your girl know how important she is to you!
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